Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Black and White Wednesday {winter walk}

So far this winter has been mild. We had one snow in November (on the day we made the fort), and a dusting yesterday, but other than that, we've been snow free. Last year we'd tromped around in the snow quite a bit by this point in December.

But mild days mean more walks with me and my little side kick. I can hardly believe that in 1.5 months I'll have two children. I'm trying to cherish each of these days with James, and only James. He is a wonderful little guy and I am really going to miss having only him.

So today we piled on our coats and hats and walked up the street, stopping at all his favorite spots. Sometimes I wonder how many times I've walked up the street with James. One hundred? Two hundred? More? I wonder.

First order of business on any walk? Find a "big branch!" He'll often accumulate three or four and hand me the rejects to hold.
I love how curious he is. "Mini pinecone" he told me. I'm surprise he remembered what I called it, since it was over a week ago.
Remember his favorite tree? Yea, they are still best buds.
Red winter berries.
I didn't convert this photo to black and white. I love that winter is sometimes reduced to black, white and gray.
His eyes. This might be my favorite shot of his eyes since that one I took at Wheeler Farm last spring. They are beautiful.
Tighter crop, in color. Because he seriously has the prettiest eyes. I still say they are the color of the sea after a storm.
And if you clicked on all the silly links I kept adding to this post, you win a prize. Contact me to find out what it is. ;)


  1. Love the pictures! Especially the last one. James does have beautiful eyes. Hope you're doing well.
    btw-- i updated my blog (finally). still more to come.

  2. Anonymous10:40 PM

    I love keeping up with you and your activities.

    Love Dad


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