Sunday, December 04, 2011

Holiday header

I wanted to wait for snow. I really did. But there is not much forecast and the little that has fell hasn't stuck to the ground. So when James got dressed for St. Nicholas Tea today and was acting especially smiley, I decided my time had come.

Out came the camera and the silly Dada antics and I think I caught a couple of real gems. Happy Holidays.

Holiday header. So sweet. This guy is going to be a big brother soon. :)
The weekend was spent BUSY. E and I had a project list a mile long. We wanted James to move into his "big boy room" so he had two months to adjust to his new space before he needs to adjust to the new baby. Well the big boy room was being used as the library (remember?). So the task included taking what seemed like hundreds of loads of books downstairs, and four huge bookcases, and moving all of James's things into his new room. E and I worked hard both yesterday morning and today (and all of last weekend).

And we did it! James is sleeping in his new room tonight for the first time ever. He's still in his same crib, but everything else is different. The room is a lot bigger which is great, more room for dancing! The basement is still a mess, but we are working on that.

Photos of the big boy room to come, soon, let's hope. There are still a handful of things I want to finish/buy before posting photos. I hope its worth the wait.

Also, we kicked off the holiday season with the annual St. Nicholas Tea that E's family hosted. So much fun. Oh my. Blog post to come.

And, one final note. There are some wonderful Christmas inspired blog posts popping up all over the net these days. Some just make me smile from ear to ear. I just love them. Got a few minutes? Read this totally amazing North Pole party, this post about getting the house ready for Christmas and this unreal post about the most amazing Christmas tree you've ever seen (really)! Love.

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