Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October sun at the Farmhouse

Every year October is jam packed in the best of ways. Most years October is mild and beautiful, warm even. Taking advantage of every sunny day, every sunny moment, becomes crucial.

We try to fit in a last cabin trip in the beginning of October (or late September) and a last farmhouse trip in late October. Now that the kids are older we may try for a winter farmhouse visit, but farmhouse days are best spent out on the lawn in the sunshine.
Saturday was warm and beautiful. Damma and Grandpa joined us at the farmhouse. While we missed cousin Emilia, it was nice to have Damma all to ourselves.
When we go to the farmhouse we don't really "do" anything. We spend the day relaxing, taking a few scenic drives, playing on the lawn and a few long walks.

See my boys down there? They walked. Juliet and I drove.

James always wants to check on the irrigation ditches. The little gates that open and close and change the water's direction couldn't be more intriguing to this water obsessed kiddo.
Juliet is such a mini me it's crazy. I love to tease and bother E. James doesn't like to tease much (he doesn't even tease Juliet much) but Juliet is a huge tease. She found a little leaf and kept poking its stem into E's nose (something I've been know to do) and she thought it was so funny.
We've been visiting these same horses for almost ten years. All those years ago we named them. This is Butterscotch and Lady. They are still the sweetest horses around. (Here's a post of James visiting the same horses when he was tiny!)

This little stinker thought feeding the horses was the best ever.
Lots of huge smiles and big laughs.
Instead of spending the night we drove out and back in a single day. Luckily we stayed late enough to catch the sun dip low into the sky.
October at the farmhouse may be my favorite.

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