Sunday, October 26, 2014

Garden After Dark

One of our favorite Halloween traditions is visiting Red Butte Garden for their annual Garden After Dark event. This is a busy event, so while we usually have the garden to ourselves in the daytime, it takes a little adjusting to share it with so many at night.

That said, the event is totally geared for kids and it is super fun to walk around as dusk turns into night.
There is only about 15 minutes before twilight sets in, so I always try to head to the beautiful corridor of orange leaves. This year wasn't as stunning as years past (last year and the year before), but still orange and gold.
Juliet was in such a grumpy mood in the beginning.
Robot James was as happy as can be (as always!).
Soon it grew dark and Juliet was LOVING it. Notice James's homemade robot costume has lights? So fun!
Flowers look hauntingly beautiful in growing darkness.
Watching the last bit of light.
Every year James's favorite part is the smoke machine. He's obsessed. This year he got his sister involved.
Happy Halloween! Such fun.

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