Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Top of the world {Snowbird Tram}

On Sunday we decided to use the glorious weather and the fact that Snowbird was offering free Tram rides in exchange for a bag of food as an excuse to visit Hidden Peak one last time before the winter winds blow.

We arrived first thing in the morning and the line was already forming. We hopped on the second Tram of the day and sped up the mountain to the stealer peak.

Juliet was SO grumpy (week three of missed naps and an ear infection that didn't become apparent until the next day would make anyone grumpy), but James was loving it. We all were loving it (other than the pissed-off two year old).

And the weather on the peak was mild! We were all in winter coats but by the end of our visit we were shedding our coats and hats. Fantastic!
Him: "I love adventures, let's hike down!" Her: "Why am I here? Let's go home and even though I'm exhausted and try to nap on the floor of the Tram, don't think for a second I'll sleep once I'm at home in bed! Ha!"
 Views in every direction are amazing.

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