Saturday, October 11, 2014

Apple Orchard

Last year in early October we went to a local family owned orchard. We picked and picked and came home with the most amazing apples ever. I could hardly wait to make it an annual tradition!

I learned, however, that many apple trees have "on years" and "off years" so while we went to the orchard this morning, we were bummed to discover that not a single gala tree was full of apples. There were a few other varieties, but not the ones we were so looking forward to.

Still, we came home with a huge bucket full of apples (I think I'll make applesauce!), some tiny little plums and two huge home grown pumpkins. Oh yea, and two very grumpy kids. But that was not because of the orchard, and it's a story for another day.

I intentionally dressed him in the same sweater as last year. Love looking back.

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  1. I make loads of applesauce! It is so easy! If you think you'll do it often, you may want to buy a apple peeler, slicer, corer. They are around $20, and do all that by cranking a handle. For applesauce, I put them in a large pot with 4 cups of water, enough to keep them from burning, and boil until apples are soft. Add sugar to taste (I prefer none). Yum! Enjoy!! The best is Cranberry Applesauce, but I have to buy and freeze them from the previous Thanksgiving holiday...!


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