Friday, October 10, 2014

Frightmares {Lagoon 2014!}

Each year since having kids we've visited Lagoon (the local amusement park). Back when the babies were babies we went in the summer with E's work and only rode one or two rides. Now, instead, we go in the autumn for Frightmares. It is a million times better. The weather is fantastic and there are hardly any lines. Most rides we were able to walk right onto! Plus, now that the babies are kids, they totally get it and LOVE it.

E and I didn't ride a single adult ride. Not one. We could have, I suppose, but we were having such a fun time with the kiddos, riding along with them, we really didn't want to. And it's amazing how many "adult" rides James is tall enough for, and some Juliet is even tall enough for. There was a full size roller coaster meant for adults that miraculously Juliet was tall enough for. James rode it with me before and said it was his favorite ride in the park. And because there was no line at all, we'd hop off and run around and jump right back on, over and over.

But soon we found E and Juliet and I suggested that she try it. It was fast, but smooth. And the sign said she was just tall enough. So we tried it. One thing about Juliet, is she is a total daredevil. Much much more than James ever is or will be.

She totally loved it.

So much so that we rode it again and again until one old fart (me) started to feel sick. Juliet, James and Daddy rode it five more times laughing all the way.

For the Halloween festivities there are also little walk throughs for the kids. Our kids did one, and liked it, but passed on the other one. They rather ride more rides.

At two and four years old, I've created Lagoon monsters. It's kinda amazing.

Ready to go on one of the scarier rides. I asked if I could hold his hand, he said no.
Looking festive in this dress that has fit since Juliet's first Halloween. Every year it just gets shorter and shorter, but is still a favorite.

Weather perfection, and crowds were small.
And before I quit riding on the roller coaster I decided it was worth it to try to record Juliet's reaction to the fast ride meant for adults. She'd already ridden it once, so I knew we were in for a lot of laughter. 

This video is better than I could have hoped for. LOVE!

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  1. Ha ha! Fantastic! I loved that place as a kid, I'm glad to see that it is still just as fun! Can't wait to see their costumes! Happy Halloween!


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