Monday, October 06, 2014

Leaves take one

September gently turned her page to October. October is magic. Golden light, golden leaves, and hopefully blue skies.

Two weekends ago we had plans to close the cabin but instead the weekend was full of rain. My brother Brandon mentioned again and again that the leaves where at their prime and we MUST see them. So on Sunday we drove up, got caught in rain then hail, but finally saw the leaves even if blanketed with gray skies.

Even with lots of rain, and huge black clouds, the first moments we were there we were greeted with a tiny sliver of sun.
Juliet only wanted to show us her tongue and James just wanted "to explore the beautiful forest."
We tromped through the wet meadow and made it to the golden woods.

Even though the best combo in the entire world is golden leaves and blue blue sky, I was ok. At least we'd seen them.
But then this weekend promised perfect weather. We decided to close the cabin on Saturday and hoped against hope that the week of solid rain and wind hadn't stripped the branches bare. We were awestruck when we found out that, in fact, the branches still looked beyond amazing. And the blue sky couldn't make us happier. 

Next up, sunny skies at the cabin! (A little teaser pic because it was DIVINE!)

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