Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Juliet says, James says

Age two is hilarious. Everything that comes out of Juliet's mouth is pure gold. She is so funny!

Here are a few of my favorites over the last few months:
  • "If you pretend my tooters not stinky that is fine!"
  • Me: "I love you sweet dear" Juliet: "Me know deer, me snuggle bunny!"
  • "I love to snuggle daddy!" or "Daddy is my snuggle bunny!"
  • "My coink is sticky" (I love the way she says "coin")
  • Fuss fuss fuss "I can't even cry!"
  • "All perfect! Me a princess. Princess Ana!" (After rubbing herself from head to toe in mud.)
  • "Whatever you say princess mommy."
  • "Me learned that at preschool."
  • "Me ignore you guys! Me mad at you mommy!" (Not one second later) "... me getting happier!"
  • "When I'm a little boy I go to preschool."
  • "My doggie is named rice-a-roni!" So funny because I'm not sure I've ever said "rice-a-roni" in her presence.
  • "I love you so so so so much! Like 10,000 pounds! When we get home I'm going to give you a big hug!"
  • Me: Can I sing "you are my sunshine" Juliet: "No. Sing goodnight."  Me: "How does that go?" Her: "Goodnight, me love you so! Goodnight, me love you so!"
  • "Me in a sad situation."
  • Me: "Why are you fussing?" Julie: "I don't know me crying." (better honest, right?)
  • "A little bit pukey!" (spooky) whenever she sees Halloween decorations.
  • "Ba ba weeeee!" whenever we go down a big hill in the car. I don't know where she and James got this, but they say it all the time. Funniest coincidence is E said "uggy-moo-weee!" when going down a hill when he was small. Crazy similar. 
  • Out late one night she says "Me don't see Mr. Golden Sun!"
She has been on a two+ week nap strike due to cutting a hole in her binky. It's been rough. When she got up she had a big long story about a bugger and the fact that it disappeared. I love her little voice so much I just had to record. Here's what she had to say about it the other day:

James, at his age, talks with such skill that he hardly ever says anything super funny these days. Sob. He's growing up. When he does, I always try to write it down.
  • James: "Why is that company gone?" Me: "They ran out of money." James: "They need a sticker chart to earn more money!"
  • After calling him dear "I'm not a moose, I'm a James"
  • "I think the beach is headed right for us, I hear a lot of EagleOggle. They're headed right our way!" (He calls eagles "eagleoggles" but this entire statement it entirely out of left field.)
  • "There is a little boy and my tummy that helps me with my think abouts. And there is a shark in my tummy!"
And he learned the pledge of allegiance at his school and was so proud of it. Of course I had to record it. I was proud too.

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