Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Winter garden

Every winter we try to make it to Red Butte Garden to enjoy the sun and the snow. However, some years the garden feels more like spring rather than the middle of winter. I sure wish we had piles and piles of fresh snow, but if not, sun and high forties makes up for it.

The magnolia had already budded out and was covered with soft little "bunnies".
Snowdrops are always the first to bloom and are so fun to see in early March. Never have I seen them as early as January. We have had such a mild winter.
Juliet has been obsessed with her "Queen hat" as she calls it, and being called Elsa. She corrects us all day long when we forget and call her "Juliet".
Even with the warm temps the pond was frozen solid. We went over to a shallow area and checked to see how sturdy it was. Luckily it was nice and thick and there was no hope we could crack it. Both the kids loved skidding around on it.
 Happy for sun and ice.
 So love the winter garden.

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  1. What sweet photos!! I'm a little sad to add that I don't think you have babies anymore!!! Your kids look so big and happy!!


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