Monday, January 12, 2015

James says, Juliet says

Last weekend was full of gray inversion days with no new snow to be had. One day we escaped to cleaner air in Park City and visited our favorite blue door, but the rest of the weekend was spent lying low, playing hours and hours and hours worth of Legos.

So instead of a weekend post, I have a long list of the hilarious things these kiddos have been saying.

James - Age 5
  • "You are the greatest mommy I have ever had!"
  • We were talking to him one day about how dangerous cars can be, and how you always need to watch, even on driveways. After thinking about it for a moment he responded "cars are not the most dangerous, wolves are!"
  • "I'm thankful for giving you hugs and kisses."
  • "Good thinkin' sister!" This came out of nowhere and it was so cute and funny.
  • "Did you know that red liquid fire is the hottest fire? It's hotter than blue liquid fire. And it's really hotter than green liquid fire. Green liquid fire is cold."
  • "Do you know why one reindeer is named Fixen? He's the one that fixes stuff!"
  • After fighting with robot toys, Me: "Robots aren't aggressive, they help people." Him: "What do they do to help people?" Me: "Well there are robots that help build cars." Him: "Or they could help me fight bad guys that are trying to get me!"

Juliet - Almost 3
  • "My bum is a diarrhea fountain." Sorry dear, you said it, not me. 
  • "I learned that from my best friend brother James."
  • "Me love you so much James. Why we love each other so much?"
  • Whenever she tells a story to her dolls: "Pada pada time" (once upon a time).
  • "My eyeballs still look sad."
  • Looking at this baby photo of James "I like his hair and his beautiful blue eyes"
  • "My feelings are feeling sad."
  • "Mommy you are the cutest mommy I have ever seen!"
  • "I thankful for snuggling you."
  • Pointing at her nose, "This bugger factory is all gone."
  • Me: "Were those tooters (farts) I feel on me?" Juliet: "Yes, but it's ok because those tooters were warm!"
  • And then later the same day "Oh that feels good! Warm tooters!"
  • In her most threatening voice "I'm going to break you! Break you into a baby sister!"
  • To a nice lady at a store, Juliet: "Hi! It's almost my birthday." Her: "That is wonderful. How old will you be?" Juliet: "My sweet best brother is named James and he's at preschool and I love Peso penguin."

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