Thursday, January 08, 2015

Sledding with the family

We have turned a huge corner this year in regards to our love for the outdoors in the winter. Now, E, James and I have always loved the outdoors in the winter. With the right gear, and willingness to get out, it is amazing. But a year ago, the littlest bunny in the family was not having it.

Last year we struggled to get out for even an hour without a huge meltdown from her. I think she was just too little. Being under two, it is just so hard to walk and move in heavy winter gear. Even small clothes add up to a lot of weight.

But this year, this year she LOVES it! I already posted this happy news last time we went to the mountains, but this visit was colder and snowier, and she loved it even more, if possible!

Her new little alpaca wool hat was hand knit by the owners of our Lava Hot Springs hotel. It is so soft and sweet.
I asked E to bring his camera (all these photos were shot by him) because it is quite a bit smaller than mine. Plus, it's so nice to see me in photos once in awhile. That's me, in the deep fluffy snow.
Plus, E has a great eye.
My sweet boy. He's decided he loves this closed mouth smile. I love it too.
When it's 12 degrees you must lie down in the snow, don't you know?
Lots of snowball fights.
Lots and lots of happiness. And thank you honey for capturing the perfect photo above for the winter header. Happy winter!


  1. What sweet photos of a fun adventure!!! Great idea to assign the camera to E!

  2. Connie3:53 PM

    You look like a cardinal in your red coat!


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