Monday, December 15, 2014

Rejoice! It's winter!

Rejoice! Winter finally arrived!
After the entire month being mild and in the high 50s, it hardly felt like Christmas was coming, but this weekend the weather finally turned. There was only a dusting of snow in the valley (which quickly melted) but there was a bit of fresh powder in the mountains.
Both kids were so excited to go sledding!
Last year this snow bunny wanted NOTHING to do with winter and the snow. This year she was loving it, and played the entire two hours and didn't want to leave when it was time to head home. Rejoice is right!
This photo that I snapped as these two zoomed by me is my new favorite.
Lots of powder means a face full of snow. This bunny didn't seem to mind. We brushed her off and she was ready for more.
James used his snowball maker to make three snowballs and Juliet and I built and itty bitty snowman.
At the top of the sled hill the boys found something they were excited to show us girls.
A lean-to tree fort built in the woods! How fun.
Up and down, over and over.
When the adults were hungry (because the kids were begging to stay) we finally decided to drive down canyon in search for some food, we spotted this sweet Mama moose. She lay in the snow chewing on stems as we waved to her from across the road. Awesome day.

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