Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Day!

Christmas Day may be the most magical when you have kids that believe. Our kids went to bed so excited and woke up ready to peek into the living room. We told James not to peek, and to come right to our room, but the first thing we heard out of his mouth was "there is a HUGE pile of presents!"
We lit the fire, turned on the Christmas tree, and started Christmas music playing. And before I could even grab my camera the stockings were down and dumped out. Squeals of joy echoed around the dark living room as they dug through candy, suckers, bath fizzies, and fruit pouches. Juliet couldn't wait for her rainbow lollipop, and struck a pose when she saw the camera.

Soon it was onto gifts, and oh there were some fun ones. Juliet opened the big pink one first, and found a new dolly inside.
Meet Emmalia. She is an American Girl bitty twin, and anyone that knows me well knows that having an American Girl doll under the tree is something I've been looking forward to for far too long.
James asked Santa for two things "a beautiful rainbow cup" (which was a gay pride shot glass that we did not get him!) and "legos!"
And then the monster gift of all, a HUGE bin of Legos from my childhood that has been tucked away awaiting such a need. The kids were thrilled to find over 5,000 Lego pieces, to build whatever they wanted.
Lots of building right from the get-go (and that little house in the foreground Santa built and left for them!).
They both also received a huge magnet board ($11 drip pan from Walmart's auto section) with pipes that have attached magnets, with little balls to roll down. Such fun!
Such happiness!
Every single Christmas each kiddo gets a new book. This year James got "The Book with No Pictures". HUGE hit. It is hilarious! If you have any child between the age of 2-12, get this book, we've read it a dozen times since Christmas day and it's amazing.
And just like last year, after all presents were opened at our house we went to E's family's house for a PJ brunch! And guess what? It was snowing! Finally! Not just a dusting, but it was actually snowing and sticking! Everyone was so excited.
Here is heading to jammie brunch last year. Don't think I'll be able to hold both kids next year, this year was hard!
When we got up to E's family's house it really got snowing! We had to carry the kids in because the big fat flakes were coming down fast and they were only in their pjs. So picturesque!

Three little cousins in matching pjs, heaven! 
James trying to hold onto Emilia before she could escape.

The stockings at E's family's house are something to behold. They are AMAZING. Drinks and fruit and candy and presents. The list goes on and on. Stockings over there have always been one of the best parts of Christmas.
Kid one, digging for gold. Kid two, digging for candy.
There was lots and lots of checking on the snow fall.

Soon brunch was consumed and we moved to presents. Everyone, especially James, was so excited to finally be opening presents!
E's family got each of our kids sleeping bags because this is the summer we are finally going to take them camping. Both kids LOVED their presents and wanted to test them out pronto.
Presents presents all around.
My favorite photo from the entire day.
At the end of the pj party Juliet threw a huge fit that she wanted to "go camping RIGHT NOW" even though it was snowing and she was in her pjs. We assured her that she could have her sleeping bag at home, but boy was she mad. Finally, at home, in her new sleeping bag, she took a long nap. Getting a nap out of this girl is such a rare occurrence that it feels like I've hit jackpot once it happens.
After naps Tracie and my Dad came over for a visit and to give a few small presents to the kids. Our present was a trip (!!!) to Lava Hot Springs, that would happen a few days after the holiday.
They both kept going outside to play in the snow. First snowfalls are so magical, and although we had a few small ones already, they'd always been at night. This was our first full day storm, and having it land right on Christmas day was so exciting for everyone.
Christmas dress was a gift from Damma. She found it in perfect condition at an antique store!
Lots and lots of snow play. In all these photos she eating snow, hence the handfuls of snow in her undoubtably cold hands.
Such a goof!
Inside the party was growing larger. We had hot wassail with spiced rum for everyone that walked in the door.
My Grandma, Uncle Mike, cousin Taylor and Aunt Laura. Such fun!
The party was huge! Both my family and E's family attended (most with significant others) and the living room was packed with happy chatter and lots of laughter.

I don't think we could have hosted many more people, but more and more kept coming, and we always found space for them.
Uncle Chandler mostly wanted to play Legos with James.
Soon dinner was served! Smoked turkey, au gratin potatoes, rolls and cranberry sauce.
And all the while this little elf kept going out to stomp in the snow. Such a fun day! Enjoyed by everyone. Merry merry Christmas.

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