Wednesday, December 10, 2014

St. Nicholas Day Tea

There are few traditions I like as much as St. Nicholas Day tea. St. Nicholas (the saint that Old Saint Nick is named after) celebrated his birthday on December 6th, hence St. Nicholas Day.

E's family has been hosting a tea on or near St. Nicholas Day for as long as I've known them (well over 15 years!) and its always is such fun. I love that it kicks off the holiday season right at the beginning of the month, I love that it is a light meal served nice and early so kids aren't out past their bedtime, but I mostly love the tea. A hot cup of tea and a tea sandwich (or ten!) with a table of good people, it is oh so fun.

The girls wore their matching flower girl dresses and James's sweater has been hanging in his closet for three years waiting until he was big enough. Yea! The day finally came!
Can you believe how much these three have grown since last year's tea? Amazing.
E always provides his famous homemade scones.
Heather's first time joining us!
Before we left I was admiring Juliet's beautiful curls (remember the buns from earlier in the day?) and wanted to get a few photos. She loves when the camera is on her, and always hams it up. She was being so silly I just kept snapping away.

Where she gets these faces I'm not quite sure. Such a ham!
Curls curls curls! And I'm afraid that once her hair grows out more and all the blonde ends are gone, the blonde will be gone for good. Look how much darker her hair is higher on her head! Natural ombre for sure.
And then when we went outside to get into the car she kept up the antics and I finally decided to just get a video of all her silly "poses". I've taken a few videos of her posing and tagged them #julietsbestposes if you'd like to take a look. Here's one session of her best poses:

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  1. Connie2:02 PM

    This is WHY she needs to be modeling! She's a natural!!


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