Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bunny update

Over a month ago I wrote how frustrated I'd become with Juliet. She was/is hard. The beginning of November might have been the most "spirited" I've ever seen her. She was mad at life, mad at me, and mad that she didn't have her binky anymore, and hence wouldn't nap.

But since November life has moved along. She has been binky free for two and a half months. And it is joyous! She still doesn't nap, but bedtime has moved earlier and she's adjusted. She still has quiet time, and quiet time is mostly "quiet" without her tearing apart her room. And her overbite I was worried about (from her binky) has adjusted so quickly! It's nearly gone.

She's still stubborn as hell, and feisty, and hitting more than we'd like, but she's over the hump. She's sweet and funny and a joy to be with most of the time.

And today she napped. It was miraculous. I had no idea she even ever laid down or relaxed during quiet time, but today she did both long enough to fall asleep.
I finally woke her an hour and a half later because she can be difficult at bedtime, and seeing her blink her little eyes, and stretch was heavenly.

And then she came into the living room and sat in the southern sun, waiting to wake up fully. She looked so beautiful and peaceful, I grabbed my camera.

What a joy this girl is. I simply adore her.

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