Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Windows at Grand America

December is full of all sorts of traditions that I love, and another tradition that I absolutely adore is visiting the Christmas windows at Grand America. There are about twenty windows all within the grand hotel to view each Christmas season. Plus there is a 14' real gingerbread house, the fountains and decorations, and the amazing toy shoppe to visit. Such a fun free activity.
This was the second time the kids and I have visited, E missed out two weeks ago because he was buying our family a new car (Hyundai Santa Fe)!

We really wanted to go back with Daddy, so when Saturday was dark and dreary, a visit seemed perfect. Juliet (above) shows that she is too cold to pose outside without her coat. Her faces kill me!

Inside James was the only one willing to stand near the extremely impressive gingerbread house.
These two were being very silly and happy (most the time). Lots of hugs and giggles.

The windows were all amazing. My favorites were the trains, and the fox in the village.
We've never bought candy in the toy shoppe, but just looking is a feast for the eyes!

I intentionally dressed her in this outfit, last year's Christmas dress and red sweater, because it is the same outfit she wore to visit the windows last year.
She's grown so much in a single year. Miss my baby, but LOVE this happy silly girl she's becoming.
Our favorite way to finish our Christmas window tradition is to visit the small French bakery inside the hotel and pick out a macaroon for each of us. They have the best macaroons around, and the tiramisu flavor was unreal this year. Fantastic! 
And although this photo is terribly blurry, I had to post. This is what I get almost every time when Juliet sees the camera pointed her direction. She hurries and poses, she always keeps us laughing! Her poses are all her own, no idea where she came up with these.

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