Monday, December 01, 2014

Thanksgiving part II

Every year I celebrate Thanksgiving with E's family and my family. Some may think it's overkill, I think it's heaven. Two amazing dinners, two amazing families, and lots to talk and laugh about.

On Sunday my Mom hosted my sibs, Grandma and aunt and uncle. It was such a great group, and everyone, especially the kids, had a wonderful time.

Dressing the kids for the holidays is my jam. Finally figured out how to get the perfect curl to Juliet's hair. First brush dry hair, then mist it with water, then separate into pigtails and twist into tight little buns. The buns dry and she looks darling through nap time (when curls usually get smoothed). After nap time, let out the buns and perfect perfect curls!
James loved his outfit so much from the first Thanksgiving he begged to wear it again. And I was bummed I didn't check setting before taking photos for the entire night. My ISO was set at 12600. Hence the crazy grain. Boo.
Cocktails and appetizers around my Mom's island. Lots of laughter and fun.

Curls for days.
Autie Melissa had yet to see this kid since he turned five, so a present was in order!
My grandma and I. I miss her so much, who she used to be pre-stroke. But she's still here, and she loves me and her great grandchildren fiercely.
James adores his Uncle Brandon. Like you could not pry him away. And Brandon's girlfriend Jess is pretty great too. James says she is now his girlfriend, and Brandon can go home alone. (We were laughing so hard when he announced this to the entire family!)
Just looking at this makes me hungry. AMAZING.
Laura, Grandma, Juliet, (me, missing since I snapped the photo), E, Charles, Mike, James, Jess, Brandon, Melissa, Witt, Chandler and my Mom. Such an awesome group. Happy happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. What a fantastic feast! Happy Holidays!


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