Tuesday, December 09, 2014

German Christmas Market

Saturday was busy in the most wonderful way. We had plans to meet E's family at This is the Place State Park in the morning and visit the German Christmas Market. I'd never been, but German toys and decorations are some of my favorites, plus the weather was so unseasonably warm that it was nice to be outside. Later we had plans to join E's family again for our annual St. Nicholas Tea! What a fun busy day.
The kids were somewhat impressed with the real reindeer.
Market with an amazing view. The outdoor market was just fine due to the mild weather.
The weather was so mild we actually enjoyed a picnic lunch on the lawn from one of the amazing food vendors. Not a snowflake in sight! (Actually is was close to 60 degrees!).
Tight little buns for curls later.
Looking extremely festive. My favorite color to dress her in is red, so all month long I try to dress her in as much red as possible. She looks like a Christmas elf all month long.

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