Sunday, December 07, 2014

Christmas season is here!

Weekends in December are some of my very favorite. We stay so busy with my family and E's family, and my own family of four. There is so much to do and see, and we always have such fun.

We've had record breaking temps for early December (mid 50s during the day?!) so we decided this weekend would be the perfect one to go to Temple Square. Many years we try to plan a more mild night, but last year we went when it was bitterly cold and we only stayed a few moments, so the mild temperatures were a nice motivation to get downtown.

Started the night with a crazy busy dinner at the food court next door and then walked over to Temple Square. Temple Square has gotten better as I've grown, now owning the two blocks east and extending all the way up to State Street with magnificent lights.

The kids know Temple Square well, it's one of our favorite year round activities (fountains and gardens, everyone is happy!).

Fantastic way to kick off the first weekend in December!
This kid! Oh my gosh! He was in the best mood and told me over a dozen times to take his picture and "put it on your blog!" Any time he saw something he thought was beautiful he'd stand there like this, little closed mouth smile and wait for his photo to be taken.

I swear, I have over 15 photos that look almost exactly like this. "Here's a beautiful spot! Take my picture!" He was being so cute that two different strangers came up to me and told me how darling he was.
The nap strike is still holding strong with the little one (after two months I suppose I can just say she doesn't nap anymore?). Many nights close to bedtime she's in a foul mood, but she was also so happy! E and I said we didn't remember the last night both had been so happy around bedtime!

My friend Lesley taught me how to do the easiest bokeh (blurry) shots. If you have a manual camera turn off the autofocus on the lens. That's it! Then twist the lens until you have nice blur and snap the pic. For easy blur on your camera phone, set the focus point by holding down your finger on the screen. Once the focus point is set (like on your hand, which will be close to the lens) move your camera to something farther away, and perfect bokeh!

Juliet crashed within two minutes back into her carseat (rare for her) and slept all the way into the house. Sweetest babe ever.

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  1. The Christmas magic is with you! What sweet photos! Some of the best photos of the two of them! I'm looking forward to the holiday!!!


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