Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Same Spot Calendar

Way back in January last year I started a project called Same Spot Calendar on Instagram (#samespotcalendar). The idea was to take a photo in the same spot each and every month for the entire year. I loved the idea, particularly since we take so many walks, and I adore the shift of the seasons.

And I made it the entire year. We had such a mild late winter last year, that January was the only month with snow. I was worried that December we wouldn't even have snow (it was so mild in early December!) but finally it snowed on Christmas and I was able to have a snowy December scene.

Such a fun project. Seeing my kids change and grow, and seeing the changing of the seasons. Love it.

To follow me along next year (because I'm excited to do this project again) check #jjhandholdcalendar on IG. And play along too!


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