Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Eve

Since I've had tiny babies I thought the year were I had a five year old and a three year old at Christmas time would be magic. And that's where I am. A five and (almost) three year old and magic it was!
Christmas Eve, in many ways is better than Christmas day. Lots of anticipation of what's to come, lots of excitement, and my family's annual Christmas Eve party, which is a highlight for the entire year in my mind.
This year we doubled up the Christmas Eve parties, first starting at my brother Brandon's to exchange gifts with my Mom and step-dad Charles.
James was so pumped about presents that he didn't want to wait a moment longer, and dug right into the one with his name. After receiving numerous recommendations for Magna-Tiles we finally bit the bullet and bought some (thank you Mom!) and they are amazing! James has played with them a ton since. Highly recommended, especially if you have a kiddo that likes to build.
Juliet was so excited for her little gifts too. Such sweet things my mom picked out for each kiddo.
Lots of smiles and laughs, tons of wrapping paper, and everyone happy at the end of our mini pre-party.

Auntie Melissa is a preschool teacher and got right on the floor to help James build the biggest best towers
Next stop was my Aunt Laura's for her party. I was so super happy my Aunt and her family were in town this holiday. Last year they traveled to Peru for Christmas, and we missed them so much. Both cousins were in from the east coast too, which makes it feel extra special.
Lots of family to celebrate with!
My little girl, always hammin' it up for the camera. And my handsome man.
The theme for the night was "South of the Boarder Fiesta" which was so fun. Lots of amazing Mexican dishes and seriously awesome ginger margaritas. James took a swipe of the sugar rimmed glass and said to the entire party "that wasn't supposed to happen!" We were all laughing so much!
Giving Nana her annual photo book always brings her to tears.
After an amazing dessert of south of the boarder favorites the kids started to eye the desserts. These kids are berry monsters, and could not wait to dig into these.
But first we had to break the piƱata, it was a south of the boarder party after all! (And no coats because it was so mild! A big storm was on the way, so we got a nice mild evening!)
Love these smiles.
We pretty much let the kids go at it, and on the tenth swing or so, James broke off Olaf's head!
Candy for all!
Such a fantastic night. Everyone was happy and wild and so excited for the day to come. And before bed I set up my camera with a motion activated switch (really just a easy app called Kringl) and caught this in our living room! What fun! Christmas Day to come!

James's outfit details -
Sweater and herringbone slacks - Gymboree
Black boots - Next Direct

Juliet's outfit details-
Ribbon - Tabula Rasa
Sweater - Gap kids via eBay
Skirt - Gymboree
Tights - Old Navy
Boots - Nordstrom

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