Thursday, February 20, 2014

Juliet year two interview

When James turned three I did a little interview with him, so I could remember his favorite colors and friends and foods. And then I did another interview when he turned four.

Before three they are pretty hard to pin down. Asking them questions like "what is your favorite activity" gets silly answers and sillier behavior.

But who doesn't love silly? And who cares that she can't answer most questions. She's crazy and cute nonetheless.

So here it is, Juliet's year two interview.

Juliet is hilarious
And cute
And a mermaid
And crazy ;)
*and she would NOT let me help her with her headband, hence the awesome style


  1. SO precious and such a wonderful keepsake for her! The hairband is a great accessory!

  2. ha ha! I love it! Devin enjoyed the video too, he was laughing with it. It was great that James was helping and adding his thoughts. ;) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Darling! She will love watching that one day!


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