Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend highlights

We had such a wonderful weekend over here, mostly due to the weather. The weather has suddenly felt just like beautiful glorious spring. It is hard to remember that it is still February, because Sunday felt like April. Actually, it was record breaking warm, at 64 degrees. Glorious!

Saturday, while not quite as warm, still felt awesome. We dressed in spring colors (bring on green grass and leaves please!) and took a neighborhood walk. Both kids wanted their binoculars and were both thrilled to see our neighbor friend who saves a handful of candy for them.
If you know where to look, the first signs of spring area all around.
Beautiful girl on our walk.
James spotted the butterfly nets in a not so secret hiding spot. I was saving them for Easter but once he found them there was no turning back. We collected all sorts of goodies with our nets on the walk.
And Sunday was one of the best days I've had in a long time. E gave me a massage at the Grand America Spa for Christmas. The Grand America is the only five star hotel in Utah, and it is just so beautiful. I was so excited to go and wanted to go on a really cold day so I could enjoy the steam room and spa even more. Well Sunday broke and it was the warmest most glorious day ever. I was still so excited to go get pampered while E stayed home with the kiddos. 
The pool was spectacular, the massage heavenly and the steam room and sauna awesome. Oh how wonderful it all was.
After naps we decided we MUST go to the park. It was AMAZING. No coats, sun, blue skies. I was so excited to photograph my spring header photos. With weather like this is actually was feeling like spring.
What I captured is so cute. Bare legs and short sleeves! Yes! Can't wait to roll out the spring header on Saturday. But until then, here is a little teaser shot. Oh was it a glorious day. We even came home and barbecued. I still can't believe it's February.
Happy spring!

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