Sunday, February 09, 2014

JULIET IS TWO! {24 month update}

Juliet is two! Woot woot!

What an amazing girl she is turning into. God I adore her.
I posted this on IG as well, but here is a little short video of some of my favorite photos I've ever taken of her. This one is double the length of the IG one, with a couple added photos. Of course I used our favorite song for the background music.
So, updates with this little spitfire.

  • Loves getting candies for doing poops and pees in the potty. She is almost 100% poop trained, and will pee in the potty almost always but also pees in her diaper just as much. 
  • Is hilarious with James. She loves to bother him and torment him. 
  • When asked questions like "do we pinch?" or "do we throw toys?" we are looking for "no, sorry" but instead get her nodding yes and saying "do." This is totally naughty and cracks both E and I up so much we have a hard time keeping a straight face. See below:
  • Loves nuggets, ketchup, fruit, french fries and sausage and egg sandwiches. Everything else is a struggle. 
  • Going to bed easily. She is so wonderful to put to bed and it may be my favorite part of the day. We kiss daddy, kiss James and then I rock her and sing to her in her bedroom. After some giggles and two rounds of "You are my sunshine" later I put her in her crib, give her Rosie and sweep her hair out of her eyes. I tell her I love her and goodnight. She sighs and says goodnight. I just adore it. 
  • Swimming in the pool. We took her to the indoor pool for her birthday (birthday post to come) and she is a fish!
  • Her dollie, her stuffed animals, her lovie. She takes such good care of her babies. 
  • Time-outs. She plays and sings and seems to just love them. Oh boy. 
  • Jumping on the air mattress in the basement. 

  • Trying new foods. She is getting better but still takes a lot of persuasion. 
  • Not getting what she wants when she wants it. 
  • Her memories of falling of the bridge. Nothing upsets her more. 
  • Being helped up or down the stairs. She can do it herself and if you help she'll throw and epic tantrum. 
This girl is talking, running, tattling, jumping, dancing awesome person. 

Happy happy second birthday love! Birthday weekend post coming. 

And hurrah for my last monthly installment of Patsy Ann. After doing Wolfy for two years and now Patsy Ann for two years, once a month, I'm tired. Forty eight months later and I never missed one. Award goes to me. Ha!

Finally, from 1 month until now:

Outfit details:
Yellow dress - Zulily over a year ago. Saw it and fell in love.
Tights - Gymboree
Shoes - See Kai Run
Bow - Grocery store

And, if you are still with me (applauds if you are, this is a monster post), one last Then & Now.

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