Monday, February 20, 2006

Wedding Plans

This week, after a very long hiatus, E and I have made great progress on our wedding plans. We went ring shopping last weekend and found a beautiful ring that he loved, so we ordered that. It should be here in about five days.

We also talked to a man I work with that used to be a wedding photographer. I asked him if he would want to shoot my wedding, and he was game. So, instead of paying a photographer fee, I’m paying for him and his wife to stay in a hotel for four nights, and he will shoot my wedding for free! It’s ended up that we’ll save major money with this arrangement.

E and I still need to book a DJ, officiant, and ceremony music. And we need to figure out how to get a marriage license in California, which might turn into a huge fiasco. On Saturday we went to a local teashop and sipped tea for hours while we went over major wedding details. We talked about tuxes (how to get them in and out of Yosemite), invites, and the rehearsal dinner. We are also looking at wholesale flower shops online, and thinking about our flower arrangements. All this planning is quite fun!

And today I don’t have work, so I’m going to review some of these details with my mom and sister. I’m pretty excited.

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