Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Heath Check

Sometimes when my Mom calls for no apparent reason she says she’s doing a health check, just check up, and saying hello. Well today I want to do a real heath check on my blog, because things are not going well.

First, the less serious issue: E was experiencing really horrible lower abdominal pains last week. On Tuesday I called home to see if he was okay, and he was barley able to mumble “take me to the ER.” I rushed out of the office in a worried panic, and drove like a bat out of hell all the way home. Once arriving, he said the pain and subsided a little, and he could go to the doctor, and skip the ER co-pay. We headed up to the doc, and they did some blood work, a urine test, and others. They found out he had a horrible bladder infection, and might also have a kidney stone. So, after another doctor visit to get on ultrasound on his kidneys, they found the source of the pain, a 2mm kidney stone. I guess we’ll see if E can even talk after it passes.

Now onto other heath news, my Grandpa. He’s not been doing well, instead of getting better and better, everyone sees he’s getting worse and worse. My Grandma has been really worried about him, as we all have, and she took him back to the doctor yesterday. They did a CAT scan and found the cancer has moved into his lungs and grown substantially since his last CAT scan a month ago. The small dark area they were going to watch in his lungs has turned into a mass of six to eight aggressive fast moving tumors. Grandpa told us this last night as my Grandma cried. Then he told us that the doctor said that is couldn’t have happened to a nicer, more wonderful man. We realize that is how everyone feels about him; he is the most wonderful man many people will ever meet. The doctor said he should start chemo again, at least it might make him feel better, so he starts tomorrow.

So, in honor of this health check, I give you a photo of my Grandpa and E at the Wave:

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