Friday, November 25, 2016


James is SEVEN!

  • James is in first grade and eats hot lunch every day. His favorites are cheeseburgers, mac and cheese and pizza.
  • He plays on "the wheel" at recess (balances and runs on a spinning wheel) and can beat fourth and fifth graders (by who stays on the longest), and is very proud of this fact.
  • Loves Lego and builds and invents all the time.
  • Star Wars is his favorite movie and game. He was Darth Vader for Halloween this year. 
  • He is a great student, loves math best and is getting to be such a good reader. 
  • Adores his sister and the cats. 
  • Still likes water and waterfalls, is an amazing hiker.
  • He is very popular in class and everyone thinks he's funny.
  • Favorite colors are blue, red and green.
  • Likes to try new foods (a bit) but still eats his standard favorites over and over. 
  • Best friends are Owen and Peter.
  • Loves wrestling, shooting games and running.
  • Fabulous swimmer and runner, but doesn't play any sports.
  • Is a joy and we can't believe he's seven! 

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