Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas Day!

I want to start this post by saying what a magical Christmas this year was, having an eight-year-old and an almost six-year-old made the magic just splendid. We did so many fun things before the holiday that we were primed and pumped to celebrate.

Juliet got an American Girl doll that looks just like her and promptly named her "Julie" (even though the note on her arm said her name was Clara). James got Lego, lego, lego and laser tag guns.

My mom hosted the kids for an entire day on December 23rd so E and I could ski with my Dad. What made the day so special was that they both picked out surprise presents for us. They were more excited to give these gifts than open their own. E got framed artwork.
 And I got a heart pillow.
The plasma orb was a huge hit as well!
After opening presents at our house we head over to E's parents to open more gifts, see family and each brunch. Look at this cute crew.
Cousins are getting big! William was a baby last year and now in full blown toddler mode. Seriously a lot of fun.
And, as in years past, we hosted an epic Christmas dinner with smoked turkey, scalloped potatoes and the most glorious homemade bread. Because hosting is so fun and so exhasting I snapped a single photo. WHAT? FAIL. Juliet showing my cousin Taylor her brand new camera!
It was a wonderful day and a merry Christmas was had by everyone!

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