Wednesday, March 01, 2006

20 things I want to do at least once in my life

My dad and I talked the other day and we spoke about things that really matter. Of course there is family, and health, etc. But we also talked about what matters to the individual. My advice to my dad, as he looses his 28 year marriage, is to find out what he’s always wanted to do, and do it. Simple as that. I also want to compile a similar list, of twenty things I want to do at lease once in my life. As far as my dad goes, I think he’ll planning a fishing trip to Alaska.

  • Fall in love, deeply and truly (I’ve done that!)

  • Swim in the ocean at night

  • Take a road trip through Canada

  • Ride an elephant in a jungle

  • Volunteer for orphaned children

  • Visit at least one national park in each state

  • Go sailing in the Mediterranean

  • Learn to grow peonies

  • Spend a whole day in bed

  • Raise a child

  • Travel to at least six of the seven continents

  • Skinny dip! (I’ve done that too)

  • Splurge by spending a day at a spa

  • Eat pizza in Italy from a street vendor

  • Share my love for toys with a child

  • Own a old home, and fix it up

  • Run in an official race

  • Build a tree fort with a rope ladder and trap door

  • Climb to the top of a very tall mountain (I’ve done this one)

  • Get married to the man of my dreams
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