Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Juliet is FOUR {Patsy Ann!}

I am so behind with blogging, and I'm feeling so guilty. There is so many fun things to share (our little vacation away for the kids' birthdays, fun family activities, and snow! Tons of snow!)

Today I want to share all the good amazing wonderful things about this girl that is now FOUR.

So, Juliet at four, where oh where do I begin?!
  • She is shy at school, doesn't speak much and follows all the rules to a T. 
  • Is nervous to say goodbye at school drop off but is all happy smiles when I pick her up. 
  • Her favorite toys include her tiger, her tea set and her Darth Vader bear. She also plays with Calico Critters and Legos almost every day. 
  • Her best friend is her brother, and more often than not they play extremely well together. 
  • Her speech and understanding is amazing, but some things we just can't correct. She calls scuba divers "diva-divers" and our kitty Mabel "yea-bel"
  • Her favorite color is "red for evil" 
  • She adores Star Wars and talks about Darth Vader way too often. 
  • She still loves taking walks with me, James grew out of walks recently (sob!) but she is always more than happy to take a walk. 
  • She is silly and sweet and hilarious. She makes us laugh every day. 
  • Meal time is still a struggle. She's picky and just won't eat much. We beg her to take three bites, and thats often all she'll eat. 
  • She hasn't napped for two years but plays really well during quiet time. 
  • She loves playing outside, biking, riding her scooter, and her Mickey Mouse "bike"
  • She absolutely loves fruit, and will raid the fridge while I'm not around. She'll often eat an entire case of strawberries before I figure out what she's up to. 
  • She still let's me dress her (hallelujah!) and I dress her in dresses and cute combos every single day. 
  • We still call her a snuggle bunny and she aways says "I'm not a bunny! I'm a human!"
  • Her favorite tv show is Wild Krats and she loves animals.
  • She still talks about Hawaii almost every day. She wants to go back so badly!
  • She loves working on art projects and her little potato people are getting cuter by the day. 
She's amazing and wonderful and seriously the best little girl I could ever hope for. I am absolutely wild for this strong headed love.

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