Monday, February 08, 2016

Letter to Juliet, year four

You are four. Yesterday, for the last time I said "goodbye threes, you were hellish!" Ha! Not that you were hellish, but being three makes you very opinionated and a touch unreasonable. But four is magic, and we are so excited about four.

Happiest birthday my sweet darling. I love you so much that sometimes I can't comprehend the feeling.

You're birthday is a little bit of a sad day for me, did you know that? Not because I'm sad that you're with us, quite the opposite! I am reminded, on your birthday, again, how very precious you are to me. And we almost lost you, twice, when you were not even two years old. You'll not remember being rushed to the hospital in New York, or again after slipping through a bridge at Sugarhouse Park, but for me, I'll never ever forget.

So on your birthday I look at you. I look and look. I try to memorize your freckles, see if I can truly remember your voice, and lovingly get you dressed. And I think to myself "thank God you are still here; I am oh so very thankful."

I love you my sweet bunny. You don't like us calling you bunny anymore. You say "I'm not a bunny! I'm a human!" You are a human, the best little human I know, and someone I am so proud to call you mine.


I love this outfit, so wanted to give details:
Dress and boots: Next Direct
Sweater and tights: Gymboree
(Next and Gymboree are where I get almost all my kid's clothes. Winter shoes always from Next. They are fantastic.)


  1. What a sweet letter, something I'm sure she will cherish when she is older. You are such a good Mama! Happy Happy 4th Juliet.

  2. Hi Jessica! I've followed your blog for years but never comment. I found you via "Farmhouse Girl" on AG Playthings, I think!! Your photography has always been my attraction. I'm late to this post but wanted to thank you for sharing the link to Juliet's dress and boots. I love how you dress your kiddos! I signed up with Next Direct and hope you get some credit!! PS Happy Late Birthday to your sweet girl.


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