Sunday, May 15, 2016

Farmhouse in May!

The farmhouse in May and October is beyond my wildest dreams. In the heat of the summer and the dead of the winter, the farmhouse holds little appeal, but in the first warm days of spring, when things are green and alive and beautiful it is just divine. We now have kids that are old enough to stay the night (woot woot!) and keep themselves somewhat entertained (woot woot x a million). So while they color and play in the dirt, E and I relax, read, snack on unhealthy things, and read and relax some more.
A favorite farmhouse tradition is lots of bikes rides (all four of us are on two wheelers!) and evening drives into the country.
 All the lilacs were at the hight of booming, and the entire town smelled of their sweet scent.
Our very favorite Spring City home has taken so well to the full renovation within the last five or so years. Back, before kids, E and I loved this home (still do) because of it's haunted history and derelict appearance. It was abandoned for years, and we were lucky enough to tour it twice. Now it's stunning and sitting on the most beautiful plot in all of Sanpete County.
Evening light that is gold! I saw it and Ethan pulled the car over quickly so we could catch this magical moment.
The cotton from the cottonwoods was heavy in the warm air, and catching little breezes it almost looked too pretty to be real.

 Oh farmhouse days, you're my favorite.

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