Sunday, May 22, 2016

Thanksgiving Point Tulips

One thing is certain, we love the tulip festival in our family. We go every year, and even with the crowds (the crowds are insane!) we have a really nice time. This year we bought waffles from a food truck and sat on the lawn in the sun and laughed and laughed.

Both kids have been earning allowance and saving their money for toys. James goes to the Lego store every time he has the minimum amount to buy something, but Juliet is much more like me, she saves and saves. Finally she decided she'd like a camera with her money. The entire time we were there
Juliet loves taking pictures of flowers, much like me.
She's so funny, she totally gets down low, gotta get on the flowers level. (And in case you were looking up her dress, she always wears bike shorts under her dresses. It's great, because it means that she can play and climb and never worry about underpants peeking out.)
Gotta check that photo, make sure the exposure was correct.
Most the time she's willing to give me a smile and a pose.

This little girl is looking less and less little by the day. Isn't she just the sweetest?
This one is hard to corner for a picture, glad I got one!
And the mama and baby owls are back! Woot! Watching them is the sweetest thing ever.

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