Monday, July 18, 2016

Yosemite High Country

Due to the fact that we drove to Yosemite and entered on the east side of the park, we were able to experience high country both the day we arrived and the day we left. Yosemite is so large, that visiting this area is very much worth it, but it's hours from Yosemite Valley. But due to how far away it is (and closer to the Nevada side vs. the busier California side) it is much less busy and equally stunning.
We asked a ranger at the Tuolumne Meadows Visitors' Center where would be a good place to take the kids and play in the water. She suggested we follow Lyell River upstream where the river flows over a granite shelf.
It was an amazing suggestion, because that was just it, the crystal clear water flowed fast in places, and slow in others over a huge solid piece of granite. Small swimming holes were formed beside the main current. The water was so clear it didn't look real, and cold!
 The river is in the shadow of Lembert Dome, another huge piece of solid granite.
Some areas the water was fast and swift, and other areas it skimmed over the granite in a lazy pace. Everywhere little waterfalls formed and this waterfall loving boy never ever wanted to leave.
So many spots to explore!
In areas where the water was slow, little pot holes would fill with water and warm up in the sun. The kids called these their hot tubs.

Look at the color of that water! Emerald! E and I kept commenting that it didn't even look real, everything looked too perfect.
 Lots of logs to balance on.
 And rivers to ford. Such a good beginning, and end, to our vacation.

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