Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fern Spring

Fern Spring is a small pull off in Yosemite Valley that we spotted driving back to our condo one night. E and I know Yosemite Valley fairly well, but never knew about this hidden secluded spot.
We stopped one night after a long day in the valley and this water loving boy was entranced. We wanted to come back to Yosemite before James grew out of his water obsession. Ever since he was a tiny baby, moving water has been his thing. A waterfall, a river, even a drip. He loves water.
Fern Spring was a sacred spot for Native American spot with drinkable cold water. We filled up our water bottle again and again.

 The water flows fairly fast and the fern ringed pool is just stunning.
 E and I couldn't stop taking photos. We wished for a tripod to get perfect blur on the water.
 We ended up stopping more than once and being entranced each and every time.

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