Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Glacier Point and Vernal Falls

Yosemite posts are feeling a little daunting at this point, since I still have like four more to go. I think I'll maybe do the "highlights" all in one post, and call it a day. So after this, one more post to go.
We planned a lot of shorter hikes in Yosemite but one day we desperately wanted to attempt Vernal Falls. We would have been happy to get to the bridge 3/4 miles from the trailhead but were beyond impressed that these two just wanted to keep hiking.
We knew James would want to hike the Mist Trail portion of the hike, where the mist from the falls made the path wet and slick and rainbows could be seen everywhere.
Both both kids powered up the mist trail completely happy and undeterred. The trail is steps, large uneven steps. Up up up. They were rocking it, and so many people couldn't believe how little they were (both by far the smallest hikers on this portion of the trail).

We stopped for lots and lots of pictures of beautiful Vernal Falls. It's so hard to convey how HUGE this fall is, and how loud it is pounding in your ears.
Up up up, all the way to the top! There is millions of gallons pouring off of this waterfall and the current is fast. So while its amazing to look over the edge, we gladly stayed behind the gate. 
Most non serious hikers turn around at the viewpoint bridge or at the top of Vernal Falls. My crew? Wanted to keep going?! I could not believe it. James would have been happy to hike six more miles, but after about another half mile upstream, we decided to stop at this granite slab to enjoy the afternoon.
We were all mesmerized by this "smaller" fall. Nobody was around and we could enjoy it practically alone.
This hiking bunny was as happy as a clam. She never asked to be picked up or carried. It was a long hike, and super steep. She rocked it. Nobody could believe she was up there.

Once at the top we didn't rush to turn around. We sat, we enjoyed, we played and spent a lot of time looking at this waterfall.
The girls.
And when I say I was impressed by her, check out these stairs! They are double or triple the height of a normal step and they go on and on and on. Half of them were half her body height.
Another day we went to Glacier Point, which is amazing and awesome and you don't have to hike to!
We took lots of photos and stayed and ate lunch there. These guys were happy to clean up any crumbs or even half sandwiches that weren't watched closely enough.
Half Dome and Yosemite on the left, our hike to Vernal Falls was behind Half Dome, so the canyon on the right.

Lots of places to look at waterfalls from above. (How'd her hair get so dark?!)

I want to print this photo huge and hang it on his wall.
Way way down below (on the right hand side) we could see Nevada Falls and Vernal Falls. AMAZING.

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  1. Loving these posts! You make trips so special! One day we will all have to meet in WY, for a trip together!!!!


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