Sunday, October 01, 2017

Flaming Gorge Camping!

Labor Day was a memory of sunshine, campfire smoke, tons of laughs and lots of swimming. Like the last two summers, my mom planned a camping trip to Flaming Gorge. The kids anticipate this trip so much and talk about it for months afterward.

Uncle Chandler brought his Nintendo and the kids were glued to his side the entire weekend.
Among the best part of the entire weekend was the river trip down the Green River that Brandon guided.
 The water is cold and crystal clear and the canyon we float down if deep and stunning.
 The small rapids make it easily one of the best days of the kids' year.
 Everyone jumps in, the water is COLD because it comes from the bottom of Flaming Gorge Dam.
 Some of us didn't submerge. ;)

 An entire day spent with this crazy bunch and we have SO MUCH FUN.
 Sunsets from the campground are beyond epic, and we try to catch them every night.
 Worth it.
See ya next year Flaming Gorge! 

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