Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween 2017! {Link and Lynx}

When E got a Nintendo Switch for his birthday last summer the kids were instantly hooked. They'd spend hours playing Zelda with E, looking for clues, fighting Zelda creatures (??) and pretty much having the best time ever. So when Halloween rolled around it was an obvious choice, James wanted to be Link from Zelda.
Juliet is still going strong on the "I only like kitties" phase, so she decided to be a lynx. Link and Lynx, get it? Her ear tufts on her headband are what sets her apart as a lynx. 
 Juliet was sick again for Halloween but pulled it together for an epic night of trick-or-treating.
 We went with our besties, and everyone loved that we had a Nintendo theme going on.
 And isn't this the cutest costume you've ever seen?
Favorite stop by far is the homemade donut stand. They fry them up right there and dip them in sugar. Plus they have a fire pit and a pet rabbit. What could be better?
The day before Halloween my aunt hosted a pumpkin carving contest. I had high hopes of winning first place with this beauty. 
Look at this perfect girl of mine and her kitty pumpkin.
A Zelda monster, because of course.
Woot! I took first place! Heck yes!

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