Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I’m leaving town!

Tomorrow morning E and I are going to get into the car and head for Jackson Hole, more specifically, Grand Teton National Park. I am so excited! I can’t wait to eat out, explore Jackson, sleep in, and snowshoe all over the park.

Damn I’m excited. Hopefully the weather will be okay.

So, update time- I closed the first of the million dollar clients, so that will be great for my bank account. The second will hopefully close next week or the week after. My current clients are busier than ever too, which is always good.

I’m trying to be more responsible with my money, and am going to start investing it. I have a large sum saved in my bank account and am hoping to get 6% instead of the measly 1.5% I’m getting now. I’m also going to put $350 away each month, eighty percent of that will go into a short term investment where I can pull in out for a down payment for a house, and twenty percent will go into a retirement account. I’m impressed with my own responsibleness (but I don’t think that’s a word).

Till another day, bye!

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