Monday, August 28, 2006

Oww! My butt hurts!

So yesterday my group of friends and I decided we wanted to go biking in Deer Valley. We could buy a lift pass and ride up and down the mountain all day, plus it’s been rated some of the best mountain biking in the nation.

We were jazzed, it was a beautiful clear day, and a perfect 70 degrees! We got up there, bought our lift tickets, and headed up the mountain to rip up the terrain.

It was awesome! The trails were easily marked, the air was cool, and we all had a blast. We rode all day, and never had to ride uphill, because the lift did all the work for us.

By the end of the day I had decided that I NEED a new bike, the one I got for my 12th birthday just isn’t cutting it anymore. A ridged frame made all my guy friends think I was “really hardcore” because they all admitted they couldn’t have biked the mountain without their shocks.

And today I barley can move. My hands hurt, my butt really hurts and my legs are so sore! But I’m not the only one, all the guys can’t move either!

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