Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pasta making at home

About two weeks ago E and I attended a cooking class where we learned to make homemade pasta. The class was awesome and the food that we tried there was unbelievable. Once we got home, we were excited to imitate what we'd learned. Well it took us about a week and a half to find the time, but last Thursday night, E and I made homemade pasta for the first time. It was fantastic, and so fun!


  1. OH MY GOSH! I tried to talk Kyle into a pasta maker!!! He asked how often I would use it...

    You have to get the Williams and Sonoma Italian cookbook... it is a really thick one. Kyle and I made sauce that was to die for... and bought fresh pasta. ;)

    This makes me think you should move to Colorado... :)

  2. Ethan2:06 PM

    Next time you guys are in town you will have to come over for dinner!

  3. What a fun dinner! I can't believe how professional the pictures look. They look ready to be published in a cooking magazine! E's camera is amazing!

  4. WOW!`` It looks like a part of pastamaker advertisement.
    Look soo cool and delicious!!!


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