Friday, February 13, 2009

Goodbye Lucy (update!)

Every year on Valentine's or the day before something big and horrible happens. Last year my mom's kitty Tasha died. The year before it was something else. One year E saw a little girl get hit by a car and go flying across the road on Valentine's day. Luckily she lived. And Three years ago, on February 13th my mom told me she was divorcing my dad. Well this year is no different, of course. Tomorrow, E and I are celebrating our ten year anniversary, but we are also putting our sweet lab, Lucy down. She is old, tired, barley can walk, and is crying non stop. So, tonight, before we see the guys, we are saying goodbye to Lucy at my dad's house. I love you girl.

UPDATE: Lucy started doing much better yesterday, acting more happy and moving around more. My dad canceled the vet appointment, may Lucy live another day!

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  1. I know how terrible it is to lose a beloved dog, and I hope you won't have to experience that. I hope Lucy will continue to do better!



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