Monday, March 23, 2009

Antelope Island

This time of year is really tough for E and I. We love to be active on the weekends, so in the winter we go snowshoeing and in the summer we go hiking. In both spring and fall we have a hard time knowing what to do during the weekends. The mountains are snowy, so no hiking, but when it is 65 degrees we don't much feel like snowshoeing either. This means that we often times explore in the car. We've explored literally every small town in driving distance including Heber, Ophir, Eureka, Fountain Green and so on. We've explored many of the state parks, canyon roads and desert highways. We've explored so much, that it is hard to think of something new that we haven't checked out.

Well Saturday was going to be a beautiful day, and the last thing we wanted to do was stay home. We thought and thought about a fresh place to explore and only came up with one - Antelope Island. Antelope Island is the largest island on the Great Salt Lake and can be reached by car via a cosway. E and I had both been to Antelope Island, but not since we were teens, and never together.

We drove north towards the cosway hoping for a fantastic day. In reality, it was an extremely windy day, and Antelope Island is pretty in a very desolate way. The lake has receded so much in recent years that the beaches were just brown salty sand (not that we were going to go swimming or anything). We didn't really want to hike do to the wind, so we explored most of the island by car and had a picnic lunch at the end of the road. We saw some interesting birds and overall it was a fun day. Really, though, we are just ready for true spring to arrive when we can hike in the foothills, enjoy the warm temps, and BBQ late into the evening.


  1. You should really check out the Spiral Jetty. It's an installation art piece that was put in during the 1970s by Robert Smithson... it's about 10 miles past Promontory Point (it's a bumpy road- I would suggest an suv if you have one, otherwise it's pretty bumpy and you have to go slow- we took my mom's elantra and it took longer) and absolutely fantastic.

    I haven't been in two years, so I'm not sure if it's under water or not. You can get out and walk around on top of it (it's a huge spiral with a path about 4 feet wide) and there are all sorts of crazy colors of salt juxtaposed with the black rock of the jetty. A photographer's dream. And it's in the middle of nowhere, so it's really amazing.

    It's one of my top 5 sites to see in Utah.

  2. Lesley,
    Thank you! Ethan and I checked out Promontory Point last fall, I guess we'll have to go back. What are your other four top sites to see in Utah?


  3. You are such a wonderful photographer! You make me want to visit Utah so bad. :)

  4. Jessica, you are welcome to come and stay at my house! Really! Even with your hubby and baby! Come visit!


  5. Mmm. I love dessert highways. Especially chocolate ones. ;)

  6. Chelsea! Gosh! I'll change it!


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