Monday, March 23, 2009

Friends at our house

Our friends love our house, especially our kitchen. It is so fantastic when a friend calls and says "we want to make dinner, can we use your place?" E and I are thrilled to have people over, and when someone else is cooking, planning and buying, it doesn't get any better.

A week and a half ago this happened (yes, I am horribly behind blogging). Becky and Mike called and said they'd love to cook. We said sure. They brought over a wide assortment of wonderful food, salmon, macadamia nuts, balsamic glaze and a homemade three tired green cake courtesy of Becky to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

We had a very fun time. Next dinner at our house? Mike says when he gets his job he might cook a celebratory dinner, but only if our kitchen is available.

Logan, Brooke, Suzy and Mike.
E, Becky, Justin, Logan, Brooke, Mike and Suzy.
PS- Ben and Jo - if you think this post showing not only our friends, but yours, is a horrible ploy to get you to move back to Utah, you are correct.


  1. Jo^^*1:07 PM

    I miss everybody soo much.. Miss you all~~~ I am sad....

  2. Oh Jo, I am sorry! I didn't want to make you sad. You'll see all of us soon enough!


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