Monday, June 01, 2015

James says, Juliet says {and a morning in the garden}

James says, 5.5 years old:
  • E showing his cracked knuckles, "It's because when your old all sorts of silly things start happening."
    James: "It's because you're dying."
  • "When I'm big I'm going to have three pets: a kitty, and a doggie, and a squalla (squirrel) ."
  • "When I get big Juliet's going to be my girlfriend. And I'll be her boyfriend."
  • Both are fighting. Me: "What's wrong?" James: "Juliet won't open her beautiful eyes. And I want to look at them!"
  • "Let's play Harry Potter. I want to be Voldemort!"
  • "I'm going to marry Ariel in a castle. But not an old castle."
  • "Ugh! I'm getting bored of you mommy!"
  • "I don't like that you stupid skunk!" (He was so mad at me, and this was the worst he could come up with.)
  • "She is the sweetest Juliet I've had in my whole life."
  • "You are Voldemort's crew. Voldemort has a crew!" (As you can see we were big into Harry Potter here. Also Star Wars, the kids are obsessed.)
  • "I'm scared of spiders. But only the bad ones. Not the good ones. Like the baddest ones: black liquid."
  • "I'm falling in love with Ariel today."
  • Told our bald neighbor he looks like Voldemort.
  • "I have crabs from tummy to bottom," while wearing his lobster swimsuit.  

Juliet says, 3 years old:
  • "My bum shoots out stinky tooters, towels and strawberries."
  • Her lovies are named "Anya and Sonya."
  • "Come look at how cozy I am! I'm all snuggled buggled!"
  • "That bunny is my sister."
  • "When I'm big I want a rainbow truck with a Wookie in the trunk!" (She talks about this all the time, E and I get the biggest kick out of it."
  • "Mama, I don't like babies anymore."
  • "Look a honey bee! And he singed me twinkle twinkle little star."
  • To James: "I always love you so so much!"
  • Unprompted "I love you so so much I have happy tears!"

All pictures from a weekend garden visit. It has finally warmed up after three weeks of cold rain. Woot! The garden was spectacular, can't believe that it is already June. Time, slow down. Seriously.

Juliet's dress is possibly my favorite thing I've EVER purchased for her. It was an eBay find three years ago, new with vintage tags still attached. I love it! Worth the wait for sure.

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  1. Sweet quotes and that dress!!! WOW! Worth the wait indeed and marvelous! I love it!


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