Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Father's Day round one

On Saturday we started off Father's Day weekend with the hopes if hiking. Many times for Father's Day we hike Rocky Mouth Waterfall, but this year the kids were insistent on showing E the new splash pad in Sandy. I had to admit it was the best splash pad we've ever played out, so off we went for water and sun.

Later, after lunch and quiet time we headed to Snowbird to ride the tram and stay for Mexican food. Really, there is no better way to celebrate E than drinking margaritas, zooming to the top of hidden peek in the tram, and watching the ground squirrels. Not in that order, but still. ;)

The best father and husband the world has to offer. He works so hard during the work week and spends infinite care when he's home. He's amazing.

Top of the mountain there was the perfect breeze. So nice to get out of the hot valley.
Always collecting "crystals".
Our house is full of rocks that the kids claim are crystals. I remember doing this as a kid too. So fun.
And because I always love a little Then & Now. 2011 when James was 18 months.
2013, Juliet 16 months, James three.
Last year.
This year!

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