Monday, June 15, 2015

Overnight cabin trip

Summer is truly finally here after a few weeks of lovely weather that wasn't too hot. But suddenly it is hot and summery and it means one thing: the mountains are calling and we must go.

We asked the kids what they wanted to do this weekend, giving them the choice between the cabin and the farmhouse. They happily cheered "the cabin!" and couldn't wait to go. We asked them if they wanted to stay the night and they got so excited they could hardly contain themselves.
Once there we went directly to "our meadow" to play in the water. The stream only runs in the early summer, quickly drying up when the snow is gone. The water wasn't cold or deep. Both kids could not wait to get in, and quickly chose to strip to their undies so they could get totally wet.

This meadow holds a piece of my heart. I large piece. No place makes me happier than "our meadow". I know every inch of it and have memories spanning over 30 years of playing in the same stream. I certainly hope it never ever changes.
Back at the cabin we explored and played. Both the kids love the swing on the patio. (Look how much Juliet has grown since this shot was taken in the same spot!)
After a hot dog roast followed by s'mores, we decided to take an evening walk. Whenever I spot beautiful golden light I ask the kids as nicely as I can for a photo. What they choose to do in that photo is totally up to them, as you can see.
Three meadows beyond "our meadow" stands this beautiful treehouse in the middle of the aspen grove. The kids were so psyched to see it.
E and Juliet scrambled up while James and I looked at the spring. Seeing them up there, smiling down at us was magic. I love giving these kids this childhood. It's amazing. 
So fun.
I love the panorama feature on my phone. Click for a bigger image.
One of my favorite flowers of all are wild bluebells.
This kid and I spend lots of time exploring together.

Sigh. Pictures don't do it justice. Sunset in an aspen forest may be my favorite thing ever.
Back at the cabin we set up our sleeping bags and settled down for the night.
Cabin season is here, and we can't wait to go back.
PS - I blogging has slowed way down. I am sorry. Sherlock is still taking much of my obsession, and goodness I love it more every day. Ha. I'm crazy. But it's just so good. So so good. ;)

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