Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cows and rainbows

Remember how my last post I mentioned that my life isn't always grand adventures and golden light? Well, I may have been a little wrong, because that could be my life's subtitle: adventures and golden light. ;)

We went to the farmhouse over the weekend just to relax, ride bikes and spend time with E's parents.
The kids love the farmhouse. They've been coming their entire lives, and they always can't wait to go back.
We often take a drive out west at sunset. It's one of our favorite traditions. We always spot beautiful birds including: wrens, morning lark, red winged blackbirds, hawks, sand cranes, and more. It's a bird lover's paradise.
Golden light, my favorite. Also rainbow sun flares.

The country at dusk, there are few things as beautiful.
I called E to ask him if my solo walk was ok, and if I should come back, and he told me to turn around, because there was a double rainbow arching across the sky.
Colors and cows. Or bows and bovine. ;)

This one always has her "vee-noculars" to look for birds.
Before Damma and Grandpa left for the night we ate more ribs than our stomachs could hold and Damma didn't leave without reading these two a bedtime story.
The kids did great through the night (much better than our previous overnight there), and woke up happy and excited to dig into the huge stack of farmhouse coloring books.
We took a lot of bike rides. James has become such a good rider, he and E went one morning for quite awhile.
She is a great rider when she's in the mood. If she's not in the mood, watch out, little monster on wheels.
One thing E and I loved doing before kids was exploring all the dilapidated homes in Sanpete County. There are hundreds. They are magical in a way, so many stories and life in these walls, and they are left to crumble. James and Juliet were entranced. They thought seeing abandoned homes was fascinating.
So many layers of wallpaper. Three? Four? Many many stories and memories.

We even took the kid's to Mabel's house (the house where we found our kitty alone and abandoned ten years ago).
The bathroom was just how I remember it (except I swear there were vines in the tub last time I was here) but the kitchen was collapsed. Sad how fast it happens.
I was right about the vines! I went back and looked for old pictures. I found this from November 19, 2004! So over ten years ago. Crazy how much changes, how much stays the same. 
Farmhouse weekends are by far some of the best weekends (along with camping weekends, cabin weekends, garden weekends, and any other weekend really). Can't wait to go back. 

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