Monday, August 10, 2015

Day to day life {little playdates and this and that}

Most of my blog is filled with epic weekends of beautiful light, perfect sunsets, dinners out, and adventures had by all. That is our life. weekends are filled to the brim with fun and activities and doing fun things. But weekday life is not even close to that.

I don't have the energy to take kids up the mountains or out to eat by myself. E is out of the house ten hours a day, so the majority of my life is just me and the kids. Once upon a time we did lots of playdates, lots of activities, and lots of go, go, go.

Now my kids are much more happy to stay home and play with what they own. A few minutes ago I asked them if they'd like to go to the aquarium with me and they responded "no, we want to stay home and play legos, we are happy." Awesome!

Most of or playdates are with the kids that are across the street. Neighborhood friends are so important for kids, we love these little friends and see them a lot.
The crew. For a long while Juliet was the only girl, but now there is another little girl in the mix.
Backyard swimming with buddies. And don't you love my new garden boxes that E built? I need to do a proper backyard post soon. They look incredible.
Every Wednesday we have a standing playdate at our friend's house who has a pool. This is the highlight of the week, we LOVE it. I've been friends with all these mamas since James was a year old, so we've literally seen these kids grow up. And Juliet is there too, must not wanting to jump off the edge.
Lots of neighborhood walks when it's not too hot. We love visiting the goats and playing on the neighbor's playground.
When it's hot we are always in the water.
Day to day life is not nearly as photo worthy as weekends, but its just as sweet.
Warming up on towels after playing in the splash pad.
Another day at the splash pad with different friends. Such fun.
(I document the majority of my day to day life with Instagram. Lots and lots of photos of taking walks, going on bike rides, and just playing. Follow me @happierstill, if you aren't already!)

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